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BSCOM 260 Week 5 Final Project Training Instructions NEW WORK

BSCOM 260 Week 5 Final Project Training Instructions NEW WORK
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BSCOM 260 Week 5 Final Project Training Instructions NEW


Write one objective for your training. The objective should be written as a complete sentence and begin with an action verb, such as in the following example:

• Apply the format painter to select document headings.

You may have more than one objective. If this is the case, write out your additional objective or objectives.

Submit your complete training on your selected topic in one of the following formats:

• A Microsoft® Word document consisting of 2 to 3 pages

• A 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation

• Another format with the approval of your instructor

• Cultural groups exist both within and without the country in which you were born. What cultural groups are you a member of?  How can you ensure that you consider an audience's cultural background in your writing?

• What other types of cultural groups are there that exist outside those related to ethnicity or race? How do you ensure clear communication in your technical documents?

• Why is it important that we consider organizational culture in our workplace communication?

• Based on your future career path, which of the documentation styles, such as APA and MLA, do you anticipate using the most? Why?


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