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BSOP 334 Complete Week 5

BSOP 334 Complete Week 5
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BSOP 334 Complete Week 5

BSOP 334 Week 5 CheckPoint


SOP 334 Week 5 DQs

How does an MRP-II system or an ERP system help a company be more successful in managing its business and achieving its strategic objectives? Relate this to actual situations of companies you are familiar with.

It is said that successful supply chain management will help the various organizations that are part of the same supply chain operate like a flock of birds, which can suddenly turn in unison as the lead birds change direction! Please elaborate on this saying, and explain why is this good for those organizations, the end user, and the industry at large? How does it work?

BSOP 334 Week 5 Homework - Chapter 12: Discussion and Review Questions: 11, 14, 15, & 16 (p. 542) - Briefly describe MRP II and closed-loop MRP.

BSOP 334 Week 5 Lab MRP Complicating Factors and MRP-II, ERP, & Supply Chain Management

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