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BUS 339 Week 3 Quiz New Work

  • BUS 339 Week 3 Quiz New Work
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BUS 339 Week 3 Quiz NEW

Since most consumers want a car with excellent fuel economy, wouldn’t you agree your next car will be a hybrid?” is an example of:

In the question, “Do you always buy electronic products from Dell?” Which word is one of the “words to avoid in question development?”

____________ is some list of all the members of the population.

A(n) _____________ is the vehicle used to pose questions that the researcher wants respondents to answer.

Which of the following refers to a dry run of the survey on a small, representative set of respondents to reveal errors in the questionnaire?

Question bias is defined as:

Which sampling method is not based on fairness, equity or equal chance?

A mall survey is an example of:

Which of the following is the best description of data analysis?

Computing the average number of dollars college students have on their credit card balances exemplifies:

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