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CIS 339 iLab 5 Package Diagrams

CIS 339 iLab 5 Package Diagrams
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  • CIS 339 - iLab 5 - Package

CIS 339 iLab 5 Package Diagrams

Your analysis phase of the SRS project went well and your team feels good about their Functional, Structural, and Behavioral models. You also discussed the result of your analysis with the School of Prosperity (SoP) administration and they seem to be in line with your analysis models.

Now is the time to start the design phase where you generate specific directions for the implementation of the system by the software development group. The first step in the design phase is to examine the SRS class diagram and to try to simplify its organization using a package diagram. The package diagram ensures that classes that belong together are grouped into a single package and thus simplify the development of these classes and their maintenance.

Your deliverable this week is to generate a package diagram for the SRS system.

Create a package diagram of the SRS system (to simplify the SRS class diagram) using the Rational Software Architect software on the Citrix iLab environment.

Explain your work and the decisions you made to arrive at your proposed solution.

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