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FIN 467 Week 2 Selecting a Property New Work

FIN 467 Week 2 Selecting a Property New Work
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FIN 467 Week 2 Selecting a Property NEW

Your investment team has $500,000 available for a commercial real estate investment. Using the internet and/or local sources, select a commercial real estate property priced not more than $2.5 million. In making your selection, consider:  purchase price, terms, location and surroundings, physical condition, income, and expense, etc.
Compare your selected property to at least two similar properties in the same area.
Prepare a table with columns for your selected property and each comparable property, and rows for property information (i.e. purchase price, terms, etc.).
Produce a 350- to 525-word paper or 8- to 12-slide presentation using a modality of your choice. Include the following:
why your property was selected.
what information was most important in making your decision.
a copy of the team’s completed table.
Format your submission consistent with APA guidelines
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit as a Microsoft® Word document or Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.

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