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FIN 592 Week 3 Going Private (Score 7.5/8)

  • FIN 592 Week 3 Going Private (Score 7.5/8)
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FIN 592 Week 3 Going Private (Score 7.5/8) NEW


Write an explanation of no more than 700 words or create an 8- to 16-slide presentation discussing the following: 

  • the pros and cons of going private
  • the primary ways in which a leveraged buyout is financed
  • common strategies LBO firms use to exit their investment
  • the circumstances under which some methods are preferred to others
  • the roles played by private equity and junk bonds in the LBO process

Format your submission consistent with APA guidelines.

 Note: Investopedia is not an acceptable academic source.

 Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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