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HRM 558 Week 4 Structural Realignment Paper New Work Work

HRM 558 Week 4 Structural Realignment Paper New Work Work
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HRM 558 Week 4 Structural Realignment Paper NEW

HRM 558 Week 4 Structural Realignment Paper
You are the HR Director at Marketingcorp, Inc., an advertising company based in the Center City District of Philadelphia. As the result of a corporate merger with PhillyAdcorp and a subsequent restructuring, you have been tasked with interviewing current employees within the combined marketing department to determine how best to transition them into the newly-defined structure.
Review the current and new Marketingcorp organizational charts.
Research employment trends to obtain information about pay structures, qualifications, employment projections, and other relevant job information.
Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis in which you complete the following:
Analyze current HR trends for pay structures, labor, and succession planning needs by completing a thorough market analysis for the industry and location.
Determine the interviewing techniques and selection criteria that you will use to sort between high- and low-qualified candidates for the various positions.
Use appropriate tools and research to develop departmental restructuring and transition plans.
Provide a summary of your plans, and include any other factors that you believe are relevant to the decision-making process.
Cite all research, and include relevant charts and graphs that support your conclusions.

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