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HS6014 Module 3 Assignment 2 Maladaptive Behavior Case Study New Work

  • HS6014 Module 3 Assignment 2 Maladaptive Behavior Case Study New Work
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HS6014 Module 3 Assignment 2 Maladaptive Behavior Case Study NEW

You learned about some of the person, environment, and time dimensions (i.e., biological, psychological, spiritual, and physical environment). In this assignment, you will generate a case study of an individual, highlighting his or her maladaptive behaviors, and then create a report demonstrating how you would work toward improving this individual's healthy functioning.


In a 5- to 6-page paper, describe an individual who demonstrates maladaptive behavior. In your case study:

Describe in detail the individual and his or her behavior.
Explain how this individual demonstrates maladaptive behavior. Include behavioral characteristics, problems, and symptoms.
Discuss factors that contributed to the development of maladaptive behavior in the individual.
Identify and apply appropriate theories of maladaptive behavior to this individual.

Propose strategies and services for improving healthy functioning in this individual. Remember to include the specific patterns of change in the individual and in his or her environment needed to promote healthy functioning


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