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FIN 355 Quiz 1 New Work

  • FIN 355 Quiz 1 New Work
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FIN 355 Quiz 1 NEW

Question 1

Speaking of informational efficiency, if the market is strong-form efficient, it also must be _______.

Question 2
If insiders can profit from monopolistic access to information, the market must be
Question 3
If investors can consistently outperform the market by tracking past prices, the market is _______.
Question 4
Which of the following statements is correct?
Question 5
Opportunity cost is the cost is_______.
Question 6
The three aspects of market efficiency are
Question 7
The difference between a return on a risky investment and a risk-free rate is called the _______.
Question 8
Bearish investors realize _______ returns when the stock market _______; at the same time, bullish investors realize _______ returns.
Question 9
Semi-strong-form informational efficiency implies that
Question 10
Historically, which class of securities has had the lowest amount of risk?
Question 11
Due to nature of their business, all banks face the following types of risk:
Question 12
Mutual funds face liquidity risk because _______.
Question 13
Depository institutions hold cash and marketable securities to reduce _______.
Question 14

What is the primary liability category of commercial banks?
Question 15
A typical bank is exposed to interest-rate risk primarily because _______.


Question 16
In the loanable funds theory, SSUs are _______.
Question 17
A _______ represents a portfolio of securities owned by investors.
Question 18
Primary assets of mutual funds are
Question 19
Finance companies make a living by _______.
Question 20
Which of the following is an example of denomination intermediation?

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