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MKT 312 Quiz 8 New Work

  • MKT 312 Quiz 8 New Work
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MKT 312 Quiz 8 NEW

Question 1
When a company pays money to sponsor someone or some group that participates in an activity, it is called:
Question 2
Social responsibility is:
Question 3
Public relations functions include the following, except:
Question 4
Green marketing is:
Question 5
The following are internal stakeholders,聽except:
Question 6
The danger with greenwashing is that it:
Question 7
The public relations department is the unit in the company that:
Question 8
Public relations functions include the following,聽except:
Question 9
Cause-related marketing is:
Question 10
Reacting to negative events caused by a company error, consumer grievances, or exaggerated negative press is called:
Question 11
The unit in the company that manages publicity and other communications with all groups that contact the firm is the:
Question 12
The conscious or unconscious attempt to control images in social situations is:
Question 13
The attempt to increase the desirable outcome of an event in the eyes of the public is called:
Question 14
When a dentist provides free services to women living in a shelter, it is:
Question 15
A stakeholder is:
Question 16
0 out of 4 points
In an FTC case, if at the end of an administrative hearing the judge feels a violation of the law has taken place, the judge will issue a(n):
Question 17
The Food and Drug Administration regulates and oversees:
Question 18
Direct ambush marketing occurs when:
Question 19
Puffery is:
Question 20
When a company must pay for ads that refute false claims it had made in previous ads, it is called a(n):
Question 21
In terms of a foundation and framework for ethical guidelines, the law:
Question 22
Ethics are:
Question 23
The agency with the greatest degree of jurisdiction over marketing and advertising is the:
Question 24
If the National Advertising Review Board rules against an advertiser, it will:
Question 25
The United States and many Western countries use the form of law known as:
Question 26
The practice of purchasing Internet domains that are valuable to other people, companies, or organizations is:
Question 27
A form of law based on religious teachings is:
Question 28
An administrative complaint is:
Question 29
In terms of foundations and frameworks for ethical guidelines, the philosophy of life that believes in maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain is:
Question 30
Incidental ambush marketing occurs when:

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