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NETW 203 Week 5 iLab 4.6.1 New Work Work

NETW 203 Week 5 iLab 4.6.1 New Work Work
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NETW 203 Week 5 iLab 4.6.1 NEW

Activity Report

In this lab, the server was configured to connect to R1 router. Then PC1 was reconnected to the S1 switch. After they were connected and given IP addresses. The server needed the DNS service to be turned on and an association with the web address had to made with the server’s own IP address. After this was done, I went unto to PC1 and went to the webpage that was associated with the server. Before a TCP connection can be made, the DNS has to be resolved so that PC1 knows where to send the destination address for the packet. During this process, the packet had to cross into three different networks to reach the server.

When you have completed the Packet Tracer iLab, take a screenshot of your completion percentage page and paste it below.

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