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POL 300 Week 9 Quiz NEW
POL 300 Week 9 Quiz NEW
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POL 300 Week 9 Quiz NEW

Question 1  Europe's birth rate is

Question 2  A ___________ is looser than a ___________. 

Question 3  By the 1990s West Europe had become a single

Question 4  _______________ are the newest EU members.

Question 5  The 1991 __________ treaty aimed at a single European currency.

Question 6  France and Spain 

Question 7  The EU now has _____ members

Question 8  Ricardo urged free trade based on 

Question 9 The ________ was the precursor to the Common Market.

Question 10  In _____, ___________________ pulled out of Yugoslavia; then ______________ pulled out in _____, leading to bloodshed.

Question 11  In 1931 Japan conquered

Question 13  Beijing insists on its right to regain _________.

Question 14  The lucky break at Pearl Harbor was that

Question 15  Japan pursued trade expansion through its 

Question 16  In political organization, old Japan was

Question 17  The first European mariners to reach Asia were the 

Question 18  China claims large areas of the ___________________ Seas.

Question 19  Japan attacked Russia in the Far East in

Question 20  Japanese imperial expansion was led by the 

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