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SCI 110 Week 9 quiz NEW WORK

SCI 110 Week 9 quiz NEW WORK
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 SCI 110 Week 9 quiz NEW

•    Question 1

According to the text, which of the following countries produces the most CO2 per person in the form of emissions from fossil fuels?

•    Question 2

Solar radiation is ultimately responsible for

•    Question 3

A factor that helps prevent the widespread use of hydrogen as a fuel is

•    Question 4

Global climate change is caused, in part, by the buildup of CO2 and other gases that build up in the atmosphere and helped to trap the heat that tries to radiate out into space.  This is known as

•    Question 5

The fossil fuel least polluting to burn is

•    Question 6

Mercury absorbed in the body damages the nervous system and is especially harmful to unborn children. Pollution by mercury is one result of burning

•    Question 7

An isobar is

•    Question 8

On a summer night, coastal land cools below the temperature of the nearby sea. The result is a "land breeze" that blows

•    Question 9

Temperature differences between summer and winter are greatest

•    Question 10

If the earth had no atmosphere, there would be no greenhouse effect and its surface would be

•    Question 11

Of the following gases, the most abundant in the atmosphere is

•    Question 12

The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that warms the

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