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HRM 323 Week 4 Team Assignment Union and Management

  • HRM 323 Week 4 Team Assignment Union and Management
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HRM 323 Week 4 Team Assignment Union and Management

Imagine you are a Union International representative attempting to resolve a grievance in your organization. The grievance was filed by an employee who is challenging a disciplinary action given by management. You are working with the local members and your legal counsel to decide if the grievance must go to arbitration or not.

Divide your Learning Team into two groups: union and management. Have team members select the group opposite of the one they selected in the management negotiation paper in Week Two. Each group must make a recommendation to its respective organization that is supported by the facts in the case, previous arbitrator's decisions, the cost and benefits of the final award, and the risks associated with the decision. Learning Team findings must
also be supported by outside research involving the case and the arbitration process, and the effective disciplinary system.

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word summary based on your team findings. In your summary, keep in mind that this case involves applications of the disciplinary system. The team must discuss the significance of an effective disciplinary system and how it affects the outcome of this grievance. Additionally, the team must decide the best possible outcome and defend its conclusion.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. 


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