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BUS 309 Quiz 2 Chapter 2 New Work

  • BUS 309 Quiz 2 Chapter 2 New Work
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BUS 309 Quiz 2 Chapter 2 New Work
1. Supererogatory actions are
2. Kant believed that we should always act
3. For those who are trying to make moral decisions,
4. Which of the following represents a utilitarian belief?
5. A key idea of Immanuel Kant's ethical theory is that:
6. Utilitarianism is appealing as a standard for moral decision making in business. Which of the following provides a reason for this?
7. Rule utilitarians
8. The statement that best defines rights is
9. According to Kant
10. According to W. D. Ross's theory
11. A practical basis for discussing moral issues involves taking account of
12. Utilitarians believe that
13. Consequentialism
14. Nonconsequentialists like Ross believe that
15. Egoism as a psychological theory 

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