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BUS 309 Quiz 4 Ch.4 and Ch.5 New Work

  • BUS 309 Quiz 4 Ch.4 and Ch.5 New Work
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BUS 309 Quiz 4 Ch.4 and Ch.5 New Work
1. How many Americans believe that “if you work hard enough, you'll make it?”
2. Which statement accurately describes capitalism?
3. According to one survey of cultural values
4. Evidence for the idea that American manufacturing is declining is
5. Marxism states
6. Rather than strong work ethic, a common attitude is:
7. Which of the following historical stages of capitalism came first?
8. A basic premise of Adam Smith's invisible hand argument is
9. Karl Marx believed that
10. The concept of the "invisible hand" means
11. The profit motive
12. For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, less than _____ percent of the American workforce was employed by manufacturing.
13. The Fugger dynasty was an example of
14. Though many jobs are outsourced, most economists believe
15. An assessment of work in America is
16. Kenneth Arrow discussed two important situations in which profit maximization can be socially inefficient. One of these occurs when
17. Which of the following contributed to the more relaxed incorporation procedures of modern times?
18. The best statement concerning corporations is
19. The debate over corporate moral agency hinges on which issue?
20. The “rules of the game” for corporate work are intended to
21. Melvin Anshen suggests that there is a relationship between business and society which he termed as
22. Corporations differ from partnerships and other forms of business association in two ways. One of these is that
23. A common point of contention about corporations is
24. The idea that corporations are moral agents
25. Milton Friedman’s perspective is that the only social responsibility of a business is to
26. Those with a broader view concerning business obligations believe that with power comes
27. Which of the following is one of the three arguments in favor of narrow corporate social responsibility discussed in Chapter 5?
28. Adam Smith proposed that in our pursuit of economic interests we are led by
29. The first corporations
30. Most Americans believe a corporation’s top obligation is to its

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