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BUS 309 Quiz 4 New Work

  • BUS 309 Quiz 4 New Work
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BUS 309 Quiz 4 New Work

Question 1
How many Americans believe that “if you work hard enough, you'll make it?”
Question 2
One of the key features of capitalism is

Question 3
Which statement accurately describes capitalism?
Question 4
The concept of the "invisible hand" means
Question 5
An assessment of work in America is

Question 6
A basic premise of Adam Smith's invisible hand argument is
Question 7
A basic tenet of capitalism is that
Question 8
Some critics of capitalism believe that it rests on a flawed view of human beings because

Question 9
Karl Marx believed that

Question 10
One reason for believing that in practice capitalism fails to live up to its own ideal of competition is
Question 11
According to one survey of cultural values
Question 12
Rather than strong work ethic, a common attitude is:
Question 13
The profit motive
Question 14
Which of the following historical stages of capitalism came first?

Question 15
Evidence for the idea that American manufacturing is declining is
Question 16
Some argue for the narrow view of corporate social responsibility on the ground that managers have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize the profits of their shareholders. As discussed in Chapter 5, one problem with this argument is that

Question 17
Milton Friedman’s perspective is that the only social responsibility of a business is to

Question 18
One of the three important "limits to what the law can do" discussed by Christopher Stone is

Question 19
Which of the following is one of the three arguments in favor of narrow corporate social responsibility discussed in Chapter 5?
Question 20
The debate over corporate moral agency hinges on which issue?

Question 21
The idea that corporations are moral agents

Question 22
Momentum for the corporate organization of business really gained momentum after which war?

Question 23
Melvin Anshen suggests that there is a relationship between business and society which he termed as

Question 24
Most Americans believe a corporation’s top obligation is to its
Question 25
Kenneth Arrow discussed two important situations in which profit maximization can be socially inefficient. One of these occurs when
Question 26
The “rules of the game” for corporate work are intended to
Question 27
In the corporate world, the board of directors will typically
Question 28
In Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court
Question 29
Which of the following contributed to the more relaxed incorporation procedures of modern times?
Question 30
The first corporations

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