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BUS 309 Week 3 Quiz New Work

  • BUS 309 Week 3 Quiz New Work
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BUS 309 Week 3 Quiz New Work
1. According to Rawls, no person can be said to deserve his or her natural characteristics, and therefore:
2. A person who believes that achieving desirable outcomes is more important than ensuring that each step in the process is equally fair would be considered a:
3. The difference principle of Rawls's theory states:
4. If libertarianism is true, which of these statements is true?
5. Which of the following philosophers was an early proponent of utilitarianism?
6. The veil of ignorance assures us that people in the "original position" will be:
7. The ethical approach that posits that the ultimate goal for society should be to achieve as much overall happiness as possible is known as:
8. When a university pays its full-time professors—all of whom have doctorate degrees in their respective fields—a significantly larger salary than its part-time adjunct faculty—some of whom only hold master's degrees—it is exercising the principle of:
9. Libertarians embrace free market capitalism because:
10. Which of the following statements is NOT a criticism of libertarianism?
11. According to John Rawls, people in "the original position" choose the principles of justice on the basis of:
12. Which of the following statements would a libertarian support?
13. Which of the following is NOT a principle of distributive justice?
14. Which of the following theories would best describe a person who believes that happiness is the only good in and of itself?
15. According to libertarianism:

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