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BUS 309 Week 5 Quiz 4 New Work

  • BUS 309 Week 5 Quiz 4 New Work
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BUS 309 Week 5 Quiz 4 New Work
1. The biggest five refiners in the United States control
2. The United States owes the rest of the world
3. Subsidies for farmers and tariffs on steel, sugar, and ethanol are examples of
4. Karl Marx held that capitalists make profits through
5. Capital is
6. The view that work is valuable for its own sake is the
7. Unlike other species, we have an almost constant need for
8. The theory of capitalism rests on a view of humans as
9. Historically, capitalists have made money by
10. The hundreds of workers interviewed by Studs Terkel all spoke of
11. Karl Marx argued that capitalism leads to
12. Karl Marx held that workers inevitably experience
13. What did Smith think was the regulator that keeps a community activated by self-interest stable?
14. What we know as “capitalism” did not fully emerge until
15. Adam Smith held that humans have a natural propensity to
16. Who owns a company?
17. What did Nicholas Murray Butler hold was the greatest discovery of modern times?
18. Peter French controversially believes that corporate acts are
19. The East India Company was formed in
20. _______ ______ is a key feature of the modern corporation.
21. The stakeholder model is also called the
22. The narrow view of corporate responsibility is endorsed by
23. Paul Camenisch holds that business
24. The first instance of the corporate organization of a manufacturing enterprise in the United States occurred in
25. The incorporation of business enterprises began
26. The stock of publically held companies is traded
27. Who wrote of “the rules of the game”?
28. The narrow view of corporate responsibility is that corporations should only
29. Lord Thurlow said that you could not expect a corporation to have
30. Modern corporations are, in principle

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