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BUS 309 Week 5 Quiz New Work

  • BUS 309 Week 5 Quiz New Work
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BUS 309 Week 5 Quiz New Work
1. In a ___________, the business is formed by an agreement entered into by its first members.
2. Economist Milton Friedman believed as long as a business meets minimal requirements of morality, it is free to single-mindedly pursue profit. Which of the following is Friedman a proponent of?
3. If a company has ___________, that means the members are financially accountable for the debts of the organization.
4. A company that is vertically integrated:
5. Which philosopher asserted that humans are entitled to the results of their labor?
6. A socially responsible company should take responsibility for the effects its corporate decision making have on:
7. Which of the following economic systems supports the natural right to own and oversee property?
8. Which of the following best describes the concept of outsourcing?
9. Which of the following principles relates to the notion that the self-interest of individuals in a capitalist market would direct the market, essentially selecting the best products, prices, and suppliers?
10. A publicly held company:
11. The idea of institutionalizing ethics within corporations suggests that businesses:
12. Which of the following statements is a criticism of capitalism?
13. Which of the following moral principles underscores capitalism?
14. Which of the following is an aspect of corporate culture?
15. Critics of __________ point out that with self-interest being so prevalent, the capacity for morality and concern for larger social interests is devalued.
16. Which of the following is an accurate statement about capitalism?
17. Which of the following statements about the broader view of corporate responsibility is true?
18. Manufacturing was once at the center of the American economy. Roughly, what is the current percentage of the American workforce employed in manufacturing?
19. A ________ corporation consists of investors who own all of the outstanding shares, whereas a ________ corporation has stock which may be traded among the general public.
20. Which of the following is an argument that supports government laws and regulations controlling corporations?
21. Economist Kenneth Arrow would be a proponent of which of the following statements?
22. Which of the following is an accurate statement about socialism?
23. Critics of capitalism argue that:
24. Which of the following occurs in a free market when suppliers begin to overproduce a given product?
25. A company with minimum work quotas may create:
26. Which of the following is true of capitalist systems?
27. Which of the following principles lies at the heart of the concept of the Invisible Hand?
28. Which of the following do corporations NOT fall under?
29. Which of the following events in the history of capitalism occurred FIRST?
30. Proponents of the narrow view of corporate responsibility reject the __________ argument because what may be good for corporations is not necessarily what's always best for society.

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