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BUS 309 Week 7 Quiz New Work

  • BUS 309 Week 7 Quiz New Work
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BUS​ 309 Week 7 Quiz New Work
1. ____________ role-plays provide more details about the situation and the characters.
2. Listening to a lecture, attention begins to decline after _____ to _____ minutes and begins to _____ near the end.
3. Which of the retention processes does a well-done lecture have the most impact on?
4. The main advantage a lecture has over printed text and video is the
5. _____ questions require no specific response.
6. The difference between mentoring and coaching is
7. Which training technique has its roots back in the Middle Ages?
8. Which of the following training methods is most appropriate when both knowledge and skill are learning objectives?
9. Training methods can be divided into _____ and _____ approaches.
10. When the trainer believes a trainee has asked a question because the trainee really wants to answer but is hesitant, the trainer should respond using the______.
11. The main difference between a lecture and a lecturette is that the lecturette
12. Behavioral modeling is based on which theory?
13. Demonstrations, like lectures, can be differentiated by the level of ______ of the trainee.
14. According to the text, what is the biggest mistake made when using static media?
15. Which of the following is NOT an example of static media?
16. The principles of programmed instruction
17. The user interface is the _____ that allows the trainee to interact with the Intelligent Tutoring System.
18. For training with a strategic knowledge objective, ______.
19. The main difference between Virtual Reality and Multimedia training is that in Virtual Reality training
20. Self-paced learning is when the trainees
21. Which of the following statements regarding ET is true?
22. A “Learning Management System” for e-training
23. One of the limitations of ET is that
24. In Virtual Reality training, which of the following devices is NOT used to provide sensory information?
25. In developing an ET program, which three factors need to be considered?
26. Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit for Electronic Training?
27. The health and safety training programs offered as canned DVD training packages are
28. Interactive Multimedia training can be used for
29. A major concern with ET is that
30. Simulator sickness refers to

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