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CIS 115 Week 6 Lab Fireworks Stand Checkout

  • CIS 115 Week 6 Lab Fireworks Stand Checkout
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CIS 115 Week 6 Lab Fireworks Stand Checkout

Your algorithm will keep track of a customer’s purchases at the local fireworks stand. Customers will not know exactly how many items they will purchase, so using a for-loop on this lab is not allowed. Let’s keep the rules simple.

Accept the dollar value of each item purchased from the user until the user is finished. When purchases are complete, enter a sentinel value of -1 (Make certain you do not include the -1 sentinel value in your total). Keep track of the total dollar amount of all fireworks purchased. Keep a tally of the number of items purchased. If more than 20 items were purchased, give your customer a 10% discount on the total purchases. Once purchases are complete, display the total number of items purchased, the average price of the items, the total of all fireworks purchased, any discount if applicable, and the total of all fireworks purchased minus the discount.

Be sure to THINK about the logic and design first (IPO chart and/or pseudocode), then code the Visual Logic command line processing.
Deliverables Firework Stand Checkout IPO Model Firework Stand Checkout Pseudocode Firework Stand Checkout Flowchart Firework Stand Checkout Output Sample 

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