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DBM 405 Week 4 quiz New Work

  • DBM 405 Week 4 quiz New Work
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DBM 405 Week 4 quiz NEW

1. TCO 6 - Which of the following views can be used to review the source code of a procedure, function, or package?

2. TCO 6 - If a dependent object has an older ____ than the referenced object when called, the dependent object is flagged as INVALID and needs to be recompiled.

3. TCO 6 - A program unit is said to contain ____ when it includes references to database objects that in turn references other database objects.

4. TCO 6 - When a procedure is compiled, it stores the ____ of any referenced objects.

5. TCO 6 - The ____ directive needs to be included in the package specification to clearly state the purity levels applicable to the function.

6. TCO 6 - Which of the following views allows the user to review direct and indirect dependencies of an object in either a numeric order or indented format?

7. TCO 6 - Package elements are considered ____if they can be called only from other program units within the same package

8. TCO 6 - ____ are used to link to another database and to call objects that exist on that database.

9. TCO 6 - Discuss two situations in which parameter modifications are not viewed as signature modifications and, therefore, do not prompt recompilation

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