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EDU 671 Week 4 DQ 2 Your Intended Intervention/Innovation

  • EDU 671 Week 4 DQ 2 Your Intended Intervention/Innovation
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EDU 671 Week 4 DQ 2 Your Intended Intervention/Innovation

Consider first, the written assignment for this week.  Following the same outline, but with less detail at this point, share your intervention plan with the class including:

a.    Your research question(s)

o    What do you want to answer in the study?

b.    A brief overview of your intervention and how students will benefit 

o    This reinforces your identified problem.

c.    How you propose to implement it 

o    How much time will it take and in what sequence?

d.    The ethical considerations you will address

o    “None” is not an option. There are always ethical considerations, some smaller/larger than others.

e.    How you plan on collecting data 

o    Both quantitative and qualitative?

Guided Response:  Read and respond to at least two classmates and provide specific, constructive feedback that may help guide them in their process and present their formal assignment with clarity, accuracy, and depth.  What questions are you left with as you read their plan?  What suggestions can you make to perhaps, give a different perspective?  *It is expected you follow-up by the last day of the week to provide a secondary response to any comments or questions your instructor may have provided. This is part of the grading criteria as a demonstration of critical thinking. 

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