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ENG 230 WEEK 3 Quiz New Work

  • ENG 230 WEEK 3 Quiz New Work
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ENG 230 WEEK 3 Quiz NEW

1. (TCO 3) What does it mean to create shared perspectives with an audience?
2. (TCO 3) What type of structural pattern of organization arranges the main points into a time-related sequence?
3. (TCO 3) In a cause and effect pattern, the message is organized around what?
4. (TCO 3) What type of presentation gives an account of the status quo?
6. (TCO 3) Informative presentations can work in persuasive ways if
7. (TCO 3) The choice of an appropriate method of organizing a presentation depends on
8. (TCO 3) Which pattern of organization works best with a demonstrative presentation?
9. (TCO 3) Noise that comes from the competing personal needs a listener may have is known as _____ noise.
10. (TCO 3) What is one of the most common mistakes made by beginning speakers, regarding their listeners?
11. (TCO 4) Which type of persuasive presentation shows audience members that an idea or a belief they hold is misunderstood or misconceptualized?
12. (TCO 4) What persuasive resource does a speaker use when his or her attempts to persuade an audience are based on the testimony or influence of a valued or popular employee?
13. (TCO 4) Maslow's system of needs is based on the argument that _____ level needs must be satisfied before _____ level needs can be motivating factors
14. (TCO 4) _____ means an audience can be persuaded on the basis of whom the source is or what the source said
15. (TCO 4) Credibility is based solely on
16. (TCO 4) In the process of persuasion, which stage occurs after the audience has learned more about and has become interested in the topic?
17. (TCO 4) Speeches for special occasions in the workplace always require
18. (TCO 4) Which of the following components is found in a persuasive presentation but should not be incorporated in an informative presentation?

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