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ENG 315 Week 2 Quiz New Work

  • ENG 315 Week 2 Quiz New Work
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ENG 315 Week 2 Quiz New Work

1. The best time for college students to begin developing a job-search strategy is
2. If your application letter and résumé fail to bring a response within a week or so after the position close date,
3. Because application letters are ________ messages, the AIDA approach is ideally suited for them.
4. Which of the following would be the best wording to use on a résumé?
5. Which of the following would be the best opening sentence for a solicited application letter?
6. The ________ must clearly state your reason for writing and give the recipient a compelling reason to keep reading.
7. Each social network is a unique environment with its own communication norms. As you're adapting to the expectations of each network, be sure to
8. Social networks are a natural tool for bringing together ________, people who engage in similar work, and ________, people who share enthusiasm for a particular product or activity.
9. Unsolicited application letters to prospective employers
10. Business-related blogs and microblogs

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