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FIN 580 Week 5 Corporate Expansion Proposal New Work

  • FIN 580 Week 5 Corporate Expansion Proposal New Work
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FIN 580 Week 5 Corporate Expansion Proposal New


Resource: University Material: Corporate Expansion Proposal

Consider the research performed in Weeks 3 and 4 on the TWO countries you have researched for your company's international expansion.

Include the following based on your research:

Describe the positive attributes for expansion into each of the selected countries.
Describe any expansion barriers that may exist related to international and domestic capital markets based on your chosen industry and selected countries. Identify each country's requirements for investing, such as local personnel, fixed asset purchase, or lease. 
Analyze the cost of capital components for investing in your two selected foreign countries. Assume that your domestic corporation's weighted average cost of capital is 10%. Be sure to consider any risk factors that will be added to the WACC when determining the discount rate for each of your two selected countries.
Determine foreign and domestic financing alternatives for your selected countries.
Provide any other rationale for expansion into these two countries.
Write a summary based on the above criteria in no more than 1,050 words.

Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines.

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