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MGT 598 Week 1 Individual Assignment New Work Consultant Training New Work

  • MGT 598 Week 1 Individual Assignment New Work Consultant Training New Work
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MGT 598 Week 1 Individual Assignment New Consultant Training NEW


Select an industry in which you currently work or one in which you are interested in working. Your consulting firm will be in this industry.
You recently decided to open your own consulting practice, XYZ Consulting. You will be adding additional people to your practice, so you want to develop an orientation guide for these new consultants to give them the basics of what to expect in their role and from their clients. 

Create a 10-minute orientation video using a tool such as Animoto™ or GoAnimate™ or other video presentation app.
•    Examine the role of the internal and external consultant.  What would a new consultant need to know about their role? Provide examples.
•    Explain how changing demographics define the trends in consulting.
•    Determine the nature of the client/consultant relationship. What will the new consultant's relationship be like with a new client?
•    Examine how a strategic plan, with a structured approach to organizing the consultation, may bring about a successful consultation.  What activities are included in a typical consulting project?
•    Describe a process to develop and retain clients.
•    Explain the importance of change management to the client development process.
•    Explain how the consulting process adds value, and meets the needs and goals of a client.
•    Discuss other information helpful to someone new to consulting.
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