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PM 4799 Project Management and Administration Capstone Project New Work

  • PM 4799 Project Management and Administration Capstone Project New Work
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PM 4799 Project Management and Administration Capstone Project NEW

Create a project plan from the project assessment attached to this question. The second phase is the project planning and executionphase. Document the plan for managing and controlling the project time line and executing the tasks. 

The Project Plan Part 1 should include the followingsections:

1. Work Breakdown Structure or project schedulewith detail project tasks in MS Project. Theschedule should include tasks, start and end dates,resources assigned, and duration of task.

2. Change management plan that describes howchanges will be managed and controlled.

3. Scope management plan that will identify theactivities that will and will not be part of the project.Also, discuss how scope creep will be controlled.

4. Risk management plan defines how risksassociated with the project will be identified. Also,identify the project risks and your plan to mitigatethe risk.

5. Communication plan that identifies who needswhat information, when they need the information,the frequency and mode of communication formeetings, etc.

6. Quality plan that documents how the project willdemonstrate compliance to quality requirementsand standards for the project or product. Includemeasures to monitor the quality of work. This canbe in the form of a quality checklist. In addition,document how quality control will be carried out throughout the project.

Submission Requirements:

 Submit your project plan consisting of change management plan, scope management plan, risk management plan, communication plan, and quality plan to your instructor.·

 Each section in the project plan should start on a new page with section headers.·

o Font: Arial;

font size 12; double-spaced

o Length: 5–6 pages

o Citation Style: APA

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