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PSY 430 Week 5 Developing Transnational Teams New Work

  • PSY 430 Week 5 Developing Transnational Teams New Work
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PSY 430 Week 5 Developing Transnational Teams NEW

PSY 430 Developing Transnational Teams Week 5  

Consider the following scenario:

  • In a recent merger, two companies–one located in the United States, and the other located in Japan–combined into a single corporation. As a part of the merger, offices will be kept in both countries. Nevertheless, transnational teams are now being formed with employees from both countries.

Write a 700- to 875-word proposal addressing the following:

  • Identify three dimensions of organizational culture.
  • Analyze the effects of organizational culture on team culture.
  • Are these effects largely positive or negative?
  • What kind of organizational culture promotes positive team culture?
  • How do you see team culture in the new company changing based on the change in organizational culture? What will be done to ensure a positive outcome?
  • How might the three dimensions of international culture affect the functioning of the new teams in this scenario?
  • Identify specific strategies the company can use to develop and foster successful and effective transnational teams.

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