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SOC 305 Week 1 Quiz New Work

  • SOC 305 Week 1 Quiz New Work
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SOC 305 Week 1 Quiz New Work

1. Question : The _________ is believed to report about three times more crime than the __________.
 2. Question : Judd is hungry. He sees a candy bar in a store, so he steals it. What theory of crime does his action most exemplify?
 3. Question : Which of the following is not an example of learning theory?
 4. Question : A researcher is embedded in a deployed military unit for several months to study criminal behavior during wartime. What kind of research method is this?
 5. Question : According to Sigmund Freud, the innate drive to be safe originates in our __________.
 6. Question : Deterrence tools are meant to be ____________.
 7. Question : As far as curbing recidivism, low-income and high-risk youth offenders have been found to benefit from __________ programs.
 8. Question : What legal action helped ease the sentencing disparity between white and minority offenders?
 9. Question : According to the author, what is the major disadvantage of the forfeiture system?
 10. Question : Dependent children whose mothers are in prison face all of the following challenges except:

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