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SOC 305 Week 3 Quiz New Work

  • SOC 305 Week 3 Quiz New Work
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SOC 305 Week 3 Quiz New Work

1. Question : Data on juvenile crime indicates ____________.
 2. Question : Why is the data presented by the author not necessarily an accurate reflection of who actually commits delinquency?
 3. Question : Statistics suggest that, in the United States, violent crime is __________ and property crime is __________.
 4. Question : In 2010, the number of American juveniles between the ages of 0 and 17 in the general population, listed by race from most to least, was ____________.
 5. Question : Studies show that __________ are more likely to continue to commit crimes into adulthood.
 6. Question : Cultural explanations for differences in rates of violence and victimization across racial/ethnic categories point to _____________.
 7. Question : In many states, what is one of the major obstacles to getting a personal protection order (PPO)?
 8. Question : The Power-control theory posits that in egalitarian families (where mothers and fathers share equal responsibility) rates of delinquency will be ____________.
 9. Question : The idea that crime among women will increase with more freedom and opportunities outside the home is referred to as ____________.
 10. Question : Until recently, the FBI’s definition of rape has been criticized as limited because it did not include ____________.


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